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About me

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G. Barrios' paintings have spiritual meaning through harmony and earthy elements, where imperfections become her muse.

Born in the small town of Mariquita, Colombia, Barrios has a realistic painting style, with a specialty in murals. She is known for letting her inner talents break any boundary the canvas may have by transforming a blank space into a wonderful work of art. Barrios considers herself a self-taught artist. Through the development of her own painting style and complete originality, she is able to reflect and become inspired by elements of nature which leave her clients in awe. Through wood, fabrics, wires, and metals, Barrios is able to create wonders with a mixture of textures, colors, and emotions.


Barrios was first introduced to painting by her uncle in Colombia, where she began her journey through colors and textures. Her passion for art didn't go unnoticed and she was commissioned to paint a portrait of the President of Colombia at the time, Andres Pastrana. Barrios' art was displayed in the Orlando Museum of Art and throughout various art festivals in Florida and Georgia.

Barrios is regarded as a professional art designer that lets her paintbrush flow with her imagination as she paints to express herself with an open heart.

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"Painting allows my inner child to come out in a world where just the feelings matter."


- G. Barrios

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